Jason Dugan

Jason has been tattooing since 1994! He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art and Illustration from Laguna College of Art and Design. He began as a tattoo artist in South Lake, NV for three years, then moved to Austin, TX for three years, Fullerton, CA for ten years, Wichita Falls, TX for five years, settling in Reno, NV for the past five years. With 25 years of experience, he is skilled in all styles of tattooing, from realism to new age style. The majority of his work is done free hand, making him one of a kind! He's a fantastic painter, drawer, and tattoo artist and would love to meet you in person!




Bradford Cravens

Bradford came to Reno, NV from Austin, TX and has been tattooing professionally for 15 years. He gravitates toward custom and traditional tattooing, but loves working in all styles. He is a wonderful new addition to the shop and would love to schedule an appointment with you. 



Thom Crowder

Thom was born in Arizona but moved to Arkansas when he was 14. He has always loved art and was even President of his HS Art Club his Sr. year. Shortly after finishing school, he moved back to AZ for a few years before he moved to Reno, Nevada where he did an apprenticeship and started tattooing in early 2007 at Wild West Tattoo. He joined up with Apache Jil at Pirate Tattoo in 2010 and was there for seven years before he decided to check out the East coast. He worked at Exposed Temptations in Manassas, VA for a year but ultimately realized Reno was "home". He enjoys tattooing all the different styles but his favorite is American traditional with bold, clean outlines, and bright colors. In his free time, he enjoys spending it with his fiance, their daughter, and their three dogs. If he can find time, he also enjoys fishing, camping, and playing music. To see his latest tattoos follow him on Instagram